Silver Wings & Civil Rights: The Fight To Fly
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In World War II, the first group of African-Americans to fly for the U.S. military proved themselves equal among their fellow flyers. Overseas they had defeated one enemy. At home, the fight for equality was to be their greatest victory as they blazed the way for Civil Rights. This 90-minute feature documentary tells the story of the first all-Black fighter squadron that escorted bombers into the European theater during World War II. Named for the Tuskegee Institute in Alabama where they trained, the Tuskegee Airmen were instrumental in bringing about the 1948 Presidential Order that desegregated the armed forces. The documentary includes vintage footage, photographs, reenactments and first-hand accounts from surviving members of the 332nd Fighter Group and the 477th Bomber Group.

Written & Directed by Jon Timothy Anderson
Produced & Edited by David Brame
Executive Producers Ralph Clemente & Chuck Weise
Original Music Score by Kristi Newman
Narrated by Mark Daniel


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